What's new in Ona?

This page is no longer being maintained. Updates are now tracked in Release Notes.

21 October 2015

  • Paid pricing goes into effect; over-limit restrictions enabled
  • Home screen notification messages
  • Minor bug fixes

14 October 2015

  • Bug fixes across the website
  • Media exports (media from form submissions)
  • Login case insensitive
  • Data exports on filtered datasets

1 October 2015

  • Beta is live!
  • Significant performance improvements.
  • Classic Ona established.

1 September 2015

  • Permission update
    • Can view permission created. Users with this permission cannot see data in table format and cannot download data.
    • Can view and download permission created. Users with this permission are able to view data using all of the visualizations and download the data. They cannot submit data.
  • Encrypted forms support
  • Export/download data
    • Advanced export options added such as splitting select multiple into separate columns, removing prefixed group names, and selecting a delimiter to separate group names from field names.
    • Able to export data from specific form versions.
  • Filtered dataset. Ability to filter a dataset by field or field answer then share it in a new project.
  • Data view. New Overview that provides a quick summary of submitted data. General improvements to the map, table and charts views.

9 April 2015

Ona has been rebuilt from the ground up with new code and a new look — it has all of the previous functionality for data collection plus features to help you better manage data and share information with collaborators.

What’s changed?

  • Projects. A project is a set of related forms that are grouped together and have the same sharing permissions.
  • New User Interface. We rebuilt our interface to be cleaner, faster and to reflect updates to functionality.
  • Improved Sharing Permissions. Projects can be shared with other Ona users in a way similar to other popular tools and apps on the web.
  • Improved Security. Assign every user in your system (including data gatherers) their own username and password. You can now require data collectors to login without giving them access to your project’s private data.
  • Data Visualization. We made it easier to switch between map and table views and added Summary Charts that let you review summary statistics. On the map, we added support for multi-select and number ranges.
  • Recent Updates
    • Organizations. Organizations are meant to make it easier to securely share data between it’s members and share data with projects. Please email info@ona.io if interested.
    • Collaborate. Easily share data with members of other organizations. Ona is built to represent the way you work.
    • XLS Reports. We are starting to build custom Excel dashboards and reports for our users. These dynamic files are automatically updated with predefined calculations and charts using the latest data, letting you track metrics and indicators in real-time. Learn more