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Pre-Sales FAQ

What is Ona Data?

Ona Data is a simple and powerful data platform. We help organizations collect, share and make sense of data from the field. Ona Data is built on Open Data Kit, an open-source set of mobile data collection tools.

Why would I want to use Ona Data?

Ona Data is constantly improving to help you get the most accurate data for your program and translate that data into actionable information. Ona Data also offers Google Drive-like sharing permissions, allowing you to give only people you specify access to the data.

What’s required to use Ona Data?

Since Ona Data is web-based, you can use it from any computer or smartphone. You’ll need an internet connection for setting up projects and deploying forms to mobile devices, but a data connection is not required for collecting data. We recommend Google Chrome as your browser, though the website will work in any browser. To use ODK Collect, you’ll need a device running Android.

Can Ona Data be used offline with no data connection?

Yes. You only need a data connection to transfer forms to the mobile device. Once there, data is collected and stored on the device until a data connection is available or, if the data was collected using ODK Collect, until the device is connected to the computer and data is transferred using ODK Briefcase.

Can anyone access my forms and data?

Only those you choose can access your projects and datasets. You can easily see who has access to your files in project sharing. The help page has a guide on sharing and permissions.

How much does Ona Data cost?

Pricing is based on account usage and other needs. If you are interested in a paid account, please fill out the form on the plans page. There are also free accounts for personal and organization accounts. Personal plans are free for up to 500 submissions a month, 1 private project, and 10 private forms. Ona Data Organizations are free for public data projects. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing free service to the many Ona Data users from grassroots organizations taking part in unfunded projects through the Impact Grant Program.

How do I pay for a plan upgrade in Ona Data?

What payment options does Ona Data support?

We allow our customers to pay via: credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club), bank/wire transfer, PayPal, or Mpesa (East African users only)

Can I make an advance payment for a specified period of months?

Absolutely. You can pay in advance for as many months as you need. If you would like to pay for more than 12 months, please email sales@ona.io and specify the plan and the number of months you want to pay for.

Note: We give a 15% discount to users who choose to make an advance payment for 12 months or more of any of our premium plans. 

Is there a difference between the personal (Standard, Pro, Enterprise) and organization (Standard, Pro, Enterprise) plans?

There is no difference between the plan types for organization and personal plans. The only difference is with the account type. We have two different account types in Ona Data: personal and organization accounts.

Are there enterprise-level accounts?

Yes. Enterprise users can email sales@ona.io to find out about custom features, advanced support options, and enterprise-level data management.

I have data from another service. Can I transfer the data to my Ona Data account?

Yes, you can migrate your data to Ona Data’s servers by using a tool called ODK Briefcase, which lets you transfer data across ODK Aggregate servers. For ODK Briefcase to work on your computer, make sure Java 6 or higher is installed. A detailed explanation of how to transfer data to your account can be found on the ODK Briefcase FAQ.

Can I host my own version of Ona Data i.e. install a local deployment?

Yes. Due to security regulations or other reasons, some users choose to host their own data. We can help you set up an instance of Ona on your local server, AWS or any preferred hosting service of choice. If you are interested in hosting your own instance, please contact biz@ona.io.