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Failed Payments Policy

Whenever payments fail, you will receive an email notifying you of the failed transaction. This email often includes a reason why your payment failed. Some of the common reasons for failed transactions are:

  • Insufficient card/account balance
  • Expired credit/debit card
  • Transaction declined by the bank

If you are on an ‘automatic renewal’ subscription option (i.e. Annual or Monthly), our billing system will retry the transaction two more times in a 24-hour interval. If payment fails on the third attempt, your subscription will be automatically canceled, and your account will be downgraded to the free plan. You can read more about what happens when an account is downgraded due to non-payment.

Should this happen, please verify that the payment information you provided is correct. You can update your payment information under the Plan tab of the Settings page of your Ona account (https://ona.io/yourusername/settings). If the information is correct to your knowledge, we advise that you contact your bank to advise on the issue. Sometimes due to certain regulations, your bank may decline certain transactions.

Note: Payments failing and you don’t know why? Please email billing@ona.io for assistance.

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