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How to: Unlock your account if your plan is over limit

Private projects and forms may be locked due to nonpayment or downgrading your plan and having too many private projects or forms (inactive forms count) for your new plan level.

Going over monthly submission limits will not lock your account. Submissions past the limit will be rejected, but you will still have access to all of the features on Ona entitled to you. The monthly submission limit resets each calendar month (for example, on the community plan, you are entitled to 500 private form submissions for January, 500 for February, etc.). You can upgrade if you would like to enable additional submissons for the current month.

When projects and forms are locked, access to your projects, forms and records is limited:

  • No data visualization. The map, table and charts views are disabled.
  • Submissions to forms are rejected.
  • No new private projects or additional forms in private projects.
  • No adding or editing project collaborators.
  • Only the project administrator can download data. Project collaborators cannot download data.

Unlocking a locked account due to plan downgrade

If you recently downgraded and have too many private projects or forms for your new plan level, your account will be locked. To unlock your account, you can:

  • Upgrade to a plan that matches the number of private projects and forms you have.
  • Make your private projects public. This will make your forms and data accessible to anyone on the internet. You can do this in the project share settings.
  • Delete your private projects. This is done on the project settings page.

Unlocking a locked account due to nonpayment

If your account is locked because you haven’t paid your bill or renewed your plan, send us an email at billing@ona.io to learn how you can pay your balance. When payment is received, your account will be unlocked.

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