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How to: Set require authentication

Require authentication is an option on both personal and organization account settings pages. The option impacts whether users need to sign in with their Ona accounts before accessing and submitting data to forms using ODK Collect and Enketo web forms.

With require authentication on:

  • Only users added to projects can access forms and submit data to them.
  • Users who are not signed in or are not added to a project will not be able to view forms or submit data to them.
  • If users have the correct permission to view and submit data to forms, they will be required to log in on ODK Collect and Enketo web forms.

With require authentication off:

  • Anyone can submit data to a form via Enketo as long as they have a webform URL or via ODK Collect by appending an account’s username to the configuration URL.


Setting require authentication

On a personal account, set require authentication by selecting the Settings option in the user drop down menu as shown below.

In the settings page, select Yes to restrict data submission and access to forms only to users added to the projects and with permission or No to allow data submission to anyone who has the web form URL or via Ona/ODK by appending the account’s username to the configuration URL.

Set require authentication on an organization account by clicking on the Settings button to open the settings page.

Under the Edit Organization Settings page, select Yes to turn require phone authentication on or No to turn it off.

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