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Glossary: Public Project


Projects in Ona allow users to group forms that share characteristics. A project can either be public or private. See our guide on creating a project to learn more.

A key characteristic that forms share within a project are the access permissions. Project access permissions include the setting for either public or private projects.

Public Projects

Public projects and forms are visible and findable by anyone. Anyone can view and download data from the forms in the project, and they can be viewed on your public profile page.

To view anyone’s public project, append the username to the Ona URL ona.io/username e.g (https://ona.io/betatester). A list of all the public projects will be displayed. This might be undesirable if you have any sensitive information that should not be accessed by anyone.

You can view whether a project is public or private when you click on it. The project will display PUBLIC or PRIVATE as shown below:

However, you can add a restriction for people who can submit data or alter the data in the forms in the project’s sharing module.

When creating a form under any public project, the webform can be accessed by anyone with the link and anyone with the username can access the forms using ODK Collect if you have not set the permissions for who can submit data. As for private forms, the form can only be accessed by someone with the correct permission levels.

Read more in this guide on how to change a project from public to private or vice versa.

Some of the pros of using a public project are you can have an unlimited number of public forms and projects. You also have access to Ona premium features i.e Ona Apps, webhooks, filtered datasets and XLS Report.

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