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Managing your Ona Subscription Plan

You can access your billing information by either:

  • Going to the Settings page of your Ona account, then clicking on the Plan tab.
  • Clicking on the drop-down menu next to your profile avatar, then clicking on My Plan.

The following details are included in the Plan settings page:

  • Your subscription plan – includes a detailed summary of the plan and the premium features available within that plan.
  • Payment details – shows the last four digits of your card, payment frequency based on the subscription option that you chose, and the next payment date. You can change your card details anytime by clicking on the Change payment method link.
  • Invoices – shows the subscription date, the subscription plan, the amount paid, and your invoice. You can view, print, and download an invoice by clicking the Invoice link.
  • Organization info – displays a list of the organization accounts that you are a member of. Click on the Create new organization link to create an organization account.


  • Next payment, under the Payment Details section of the plan settings page, shows the date when your subscription period will expire.
  • When you select the prepaid subscription option, the Next payment subsection will be blank. Since billing and payment are done once, you can only subscribe again after the subscription period is over.

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