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Guide: Organizations

What are organizations?

Organizations are a way to simplify group-owned datasets, expand access permissions, and focus data workflow for organization projects. If you ever had to manage multiple Ona accounts, desired a company-specific project list, or needed central control of project data, Organizations are best suited for you.

Who are organization members?

Organization members are other Ona users who have been added to the organization by an org admin and have access to the projects within an org account. For more information on org members please have a look at this guide.

Share permissions for organization projects

All projects in Ona have the same sharing permissions. There are three differences in the sharing permissions for organization projects:

  1. An all members in the organization group is added to all organization projects. You can set the permission level for all members of the organization with this group. There is an additional permission level for this group called cannot view, which hides the project from org members.
  2. An all-org admins group is added to all organization projects to make it clear that organization admins have admin access to all projects in the organization.
  3. Organization projects can have multiple admins.

To learn more, go to the Organizations guide.

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